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Do everything and still be human-that's the "Keeper ant" promise.
It's 5:30 pm. You are back home after a grueling schedule. There's dinner to be prepared, a meeting to be scheduled, PTA to attend and the car needs to go for a routine maintenance check-up...and as you glance at the calendar, you notice that your mother-in-law's birthday was yesterday and you forgot to send a card...
Your time is precious. And you have better things to do than agonizing over a warranty card, a premium missed or a forgotten anniversary.
Relax! Breathe easy!
Put an end to all the frustrations and take control.
Just digitize your day with "Keeper ant".
Today, the market is flooded with software products that claim to do everything, achieve the impossible and tell you what you need to know.
That's where "Keeper ant" begs to differ.
Assets-Taxes, contracts, insurance, maintenance / service of parts.
When you buy a car, you have various support documents-overall warranty / engine guarantee / and service agreements on replaceable parts.
You may also have EMI arrangements which need to be monitored.
Service and maintenance is critical to keep your car in a good condition.
"Keeper ant" understands.
Just spend 10 minutes and import all the data on "Keeper ant".
What "Keeper ant" can do?
It will maintain your vehicle log book, remind you when needed and help you access any detail at any point of time.
It will also update itself to keep your records up-to-date.
Track fuel-efficiency over time.
It can record the service schedule and inspection by items / miles / kilometers / days and remind you when the date nears. Once it is taken care of, it adds the detail to the vehicle history.
When you replace / add parts-everything is recorded by "Keeper ant".
Scans copies of owner manuals / pictures / service records and makes them easily accessible.
Tracks service instructions / vendor numbers / agreements.
Reminds you about taxes & premiums to be paid.
There's much more that you can do with assets in "Keeper ant", especially with fixed assets.
Portfolio management-Income, Investments & Loans
Stay in complete control of your investments. "Keeper ant" does everything-from recording your deposits in various forms, adding bonus units to calculating interest rates and maturity values. It is common practice to now have a debit card for a savings or deposit account. When the times are tough, it can be useful to set up a monitor like "Keeper ant" to give you more control.
It can also calculate your taxes.
It also keeps tracks of loans to be paid, giving you a break up of installments calculated at prescribed rates, besides setting up alerts and reminders for due dates and payments.
Your financial worth, your credit card payments, expenses-big and small...all the tools to manage your business life is now available at the click of a button.
What "Keeper ant" can do?
Simplify portfolio administration tasks.
Improve decision making and control.
Enhance portfolio performance.
Phone bills to canteen / entertainment / tuition fees / mobile phones that need top ups and everything relevant.
At a glance, it will provide all the payments made and expenses incurred-highlight the areas that require attention from you as a parent (like expense hikes) and alert you on due dates and reminders to be followed up.
Bills-Telephone, electricity & credit cards
Keeping in tune with times, kids are provided mobile phones by their parents, imagine one of yours being provided with one and asking for a top up every now and then, sometimes you just don't remember when you did the last one, at times it could be your spouse paying the top up charges, now with "Keeper ant" there's a smart new way to take control.
What "Keeper ant" will do be it electricity, telephone or credit cards:
Each time you pay, it records the usage data. electricity, it can also record the unit consumption, calculate payments according to the prescribed slab rates, track history to highlight extra consumption patterns.
You can spot trends and problems before something unplanned happens, especially when you need to save on the overheads for your long term needs.
What "Keeper ant" will do?
Set up budget plans by keeping an account of incomes and intended expenses. Once set up it can be tracked for variances as all expenses are reported to a central expense area.
Health indices, diet plans & medical history with investigative reports.
Unlike other products, "Keeper ant" will not just remind you of the event to be followed up.
For example, if you have a dentist appointment, it will remind you about the visit due, records to carry and also the time scheduled. It will also provide you all the details of the dentist's name / location / records of past visits etc..
What "Keeper ant" can do?
Help you keep fit by helping you set up diet plans.
Track your sugar, cholesterol levels.
Maintain faithfully records of health issues faced & investigation reports from doctors / labs.
Also keep a tab on expenses incurred during your visits to your doctor, hospital or lab.
Education-Deposits, terms & tuition fees
If you have two children-one at school and the other at college, "Keeper ant" will keep track of expense charts on each of the-fee-structures to hostel bills, phone bills to canteen / entertainment / tuition fees and everything relevant. At a glance, it will provide all the payments made and expenses incurred-highlight the areas that require attention from you as a parent (like expense hikes) and alert you on due dates and reminders to be followed up.
Calendar with events & gifts
Sets birthday / event reminders. Tracks amounts spent on gifts for different occasions-giving a true expense statement.
Address book-Automatic indexing from various areas.
Well every application has an address book these days, why might I use "Keeper ant's", you may ask!
When a product is purchased, usually there are many entities, dealer, service providers etc. These contacts are usually loosely bound with most apps in the market, with "Keeper ant" they also come under one roof so that you don't spend your time doing a data entry job.
Let "Keeper ant" take care of that for you.
What's more, the product is engineered to deliver high-security access levels so your privacy and confidentiality are maintained across the operations.
The possibilities are end-less, we have listed only a few.