Keeper ant - Features

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Do everything and still be human-that's the "Keeper ant" promise.
Do everything and still be human-that's the "Keeper ant" promise.
"Keeper ant" makes life simple. As simple as compressing every single detail of your personal and professional life in a file that can be easily accessed-whenever, wherever-effortlessly.
Unique and flexible software, it enables you to manage your life by each day, projects, actions, to-do lists, reminders and all the parameters you define adding value to your life.
"Keeper ant" can
Manage your entire home needs.
Plan for days, weeks and months ahead.
Schedule to-do's / appointments / events.
Organize personal and business information.
Track schedules / payments / events.
Manage also the needs of a small business.
Get organized and get things done.
Do everything on time.
Achieve targets and plans.
Stop postponing and reduce stress.
Manage your time, finances, investments, expenses, savings, and payments, right down to the last rupee!
Prominent Features
Income & Expenses-Cash, cheque & credit cards.
Multi-user with varying levels of access with a capability to share or hide information.